15 unusual things that surprise you with their creativity (16 photos)

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1 December 2023

One human trait that seems to have no limits is creativity. And we often see fantastic inventions everywhere. In this post you will see witty and original items.

1. SpongeBob will cheer you up and help you wring out the dish sponge.

2. A perfume bottle that glows in the dark

3. The sink has a light that changes depending on the water temperature

4. Pharmacy lights are shaped like syringes.

5. A way to hang sunglasses next to the front door

6. Plant watering organizer for two weeks

7. Hook system for hanging bags and the like on car headrests

8. 3D printed keyboard

9. Telephone built into the new sofa

10. These socks have a button so they don't get lost in the closet or when drying.

11. Shower water thermometer

12. Chopsticks and forks combination

13. This tool is a hammer, hatchet, screwdriver, nail puller and pliers

14. This soap pump dispenses soap in the shape of Mickey Mouse

15. This jacket has a transparent part through which you can see the watch.

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