Pagani presented its new roadster - Imola (4 photos)

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29 November 2023

Pagani, despite having a new Utopia model, continues to use the Huayra chassis from more than a decade ago. This time it has become the Imola Roadster - a supercar for two with an extravagant appearance and a highly accelerated Mercedes-AMG engine. A total of 8 copies will be produced.

According to the company, the original plan was to simply release an open version of the Huayra Imola coupe, which debuted in 2020. However, appetite comes with eating: inspired by their own supercars Roadster BC and track Huayra R, the Italians created, in fact, an independent roadster. Its name doesn't even use the word Huayra.

Externally, the Imola Roadster resembles any Pagani supercar on this platform. However, the company announces a deep reworking of aerodynamics to increase downforce and, as a result, stability. The air ducts in the front bumper and sills, rear wing and diffuser have been rethought. Ventilation holes have even appeared in the wheel arches and rear light installation locations: with their help, they not only cool the brakes, but also remove air from the wheels themselves to reduce the lifting effect.

As a result, the aerodynamic tail of the Imola Roadster creates an additional force of up to 600 kg at a speed of 280 km/h. At the same time, the supercar itself is as lightweight as possible. In addition to innovative materials for the load-bearing structure and body panels, Pagani even used a special painting method, which saved 5 kg on just one paintwork. The dry weight of the supercar is 1260 kg.

The huge engine for the Imola Roadster is apparently designed based on the Huayra R unit. It is a 6-liter V12. It is made for Pagani by Mercedes-AMG. It develops 850 hp. With. and 1100 Nm and works with a 7-speed Xtrac sequential gearbox. Of the dynamic characteristics, the company has so far announced only the maximum speed, which is forcibly limited to 350 km/h. The engine comes with an adaptive suspension with continuous damping control.

The Pagani Imola Roadster is capable of withstanding lateral overloads of up to 2.2 G on the track. At the same time, the supercar should be quite comfortable during normal driving. In any case, its interior features expensive wood, leather and carbon fiber trim and a specially designed audio system with bass reflex ports in the door panels and additional speakers behind the headrests.

The super roadster was developed by the special projects division of Grandi Complicazioni, and only eight of these cars will be built. The latest project of this division, called Huayra Codalunga, was released in a circulation of only five copies, each of which was valued at a minimum of 7 million euros.

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