How the film "Final Destination" was filmed: footage from the filming and 15 interesting facts about the film (10 photos)

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29 November 2023

The original and interesting plot about teenagers who are pursued by invisible death only because they violated its plan, won the hearts of a huge number of viewers.

1. The lead actor Sava had to pretend to be asleep in one of the scenes a long time ago. But due to the fact that the actor was exhausted from endless filming, he actually fell asleep in the chair.

But the most interesting thing is that no one bothered to wake him up, and the necessary scenes were filmed while the actor was sleeping. Only 4 hours later they woke up the actor and told him that he had coped with the task perfectly, which surprised Davon himself a little.

Directed by James Wong and starring as Alex Browning - Dawon Sawa

2. Although the film’s script is original and very unusual, it was not invented from scratch. A similar plot should have been present in one of the episodes of the popular series “The X-Files”. But in the end the script was rejected.

Fortunately, this script came across to the director of The X-Files, James Wong. After reading it, he decided that such goodness should not be wasted, and eventually made his hit film “Final Destination.”

3. In the second part of the film, the only surviving passenger of Flight 180 named Claire deliberately lives in isolation so that death does not overtake her. On the wall in Claire's room hangs a photograph of the surviving passengers of Flight 180, where they stand in an embrace with smiles.

In fact, there was no such scene in the first part of the film. Judging by the clothing and background, the photo was taken right before Terry Chaney died (she was hit by a bus). And at that moment the heroes certainly weren’t standing in an embrace and smiling, but rather, on the contrary, they were fighting and quarreling.

In fact, all this is easily explained. In Claire's room there is a photograph from the filming of the first part of the film. That is, the actors simply took pictures for memory

4. According to Davon Sawa (Alex Browning), he read the script while flying on a plane. And the script impressed him so much that he involuntarily looked out the window to make sure that everything was in order with the engines.

5. Todd's first death looked very mystical, because essentially we saw death at work. Remember that at the beginning the liquid leaked out so that Todd would slip on it, and then she climbed back in to make it look like an accident. The wire that wrapped around Todd’s neck also looked mystical.

It was decided to film other scenes in approximately the same vein, so that the viewer could see the work of Death in all its glory. But as filming progressed, it was decided to abandon this idea. Therefore, the remaining deaths looked like truly accidents.

6. It was originally planned that the film would be called "Flight 180". But since flights with this number were already seen in the films “Con Air” and “Plane of the President,” it was decided to change the name of the film.

7. The very first scene to be filmed was the death of Terry Cheney, performed by actress Amanda Detmer. The creators considered this to be the easiest death in the film to execute.

8. In the film you can often hear compositions by the famous folk musician. He died in a plane crash in 1997.

9. Tobey McGuire auditioned for the role of Alex Browning, and Kirsten Dunst for the role of Claire. It is noteworthy that three years later these two actors would play the main roles in the film Spider-Man.

10. With a budget of 43 million dollars (23 million for filming and 20 million for marketing), the film grossed almost 113 million dollars at the worldwide box office, which in principle can be considered a success. Therefore, it is not surprising that a few years later a sequel was released, followed by three more.

11. Many of the news scenes that we see on TV in the film were not filmed for the film. These are real news reports from 1996 about the crash of a Boeing 747, which was heading from New York to Paris. The plane crash also happened immediately after takeoff.

12. When watching the film for the first time, few people paid attention to the credits, butmore precisely on what we see against their background. But the opening credits contain spoilers for the deaths of some characters. For example, the hanging doll represents Tod's death, and the image of the guillotine in the book clearly hints at the fact that someone will be left without a head,

13. The pair of numbers 9 and 25 appears three times in the film:

14. The scene where Carter punches Billy Hitchcock in the face was not written into the script, but had to be added out of necessity. The fact is that that day Sean William Scott developed a severe cold on his lip. And in order to hide it, it was decided to stage a blow to the face so that fake blood would cover the pimple.

By the way, Sean William Scott himself got into “Final Destination” thanks to the success of the film “American Pie,” where he played his most iconic character, Steve Stifler.

15. The scene with the shaking on the plane was filmed using a special hydraulic device. The authors decided that it was worth showing the scene on the plane as realistically as possible, and not just asking the actors to be shocked, as is often done in films.

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