The spiritual magic of birds (21 photos)

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29 November 2023

The most common pets are dogs and cats. But not only furry ones are suitable for the role of ideal pets. Birds are in no way inferior to them in terms of charm, and sometimes intelligence.

Such a favorite will definitely paint everyday life in bright colors, give moments of happiness and comfort you with a cheerful song. Or even heartfelt conversations like a parrot. After all, birds are almost angels who know the feeling of flight and absolute freedom.

1. When the housewife is a needlewoman

2. Chizhik-fawn

3. There are never too many birds

4. For the strong in spirit

5. Big-eyed happiness

6. Big friendly family

7. What does the coming day have in store for us?

8. The joy of being

9. Hold a flower

10. Am I good?

11. On the same wavelength

12. Conversation of the greats

13. Controversial, but an option

14. At work

15. It’s fun to walk together

16. We hover our legs, prepare for flight

17. The perfect pet

18. Waiting for my owners to get home from work

19. Afternoon Dreams

20. We don’t mind becoming tame for the winter!

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