Let the cow trample you, today is a holiday! (5 photos + 1 video)

27 November 2023

In what other country will residents lie down on the road and ask to drive a herd of cows along them? And then they will receive blessings and fulfillment of desires. Of course, this is India! And trampling by cows is one of the traditions after Diwali celebrations in Bhidawad village.

Did you ask the cow? What joy is it for her to walk on loved ones?

Why lie down under a cow?

It is believed that if a cow walks over you, you will be sanctified by the gods. All your wishes will come true, and your family will be happy.

According to legend, “33 million gods and goddesses” live in cows, so you can make any wish. There the request will be transferred to your specialty.

Who deserves to be trampled

The cows for trampling are beautifully decorated, and even the legs are decorated with ribbons

Not everyone will be allowed cows yet. You must be an adult, strong man who declares his desire in advance. Thank you for the selection, because children are thrown into manure for good luck on a holiday without asking their permission.

Volunteers will be ensured that they fast for five days and spend the last night before Diwali in the temple. And straight from the temple, men should go directly to the road, where they bow to the cows and lie down in their path.

In general, just give the Indians a reason, and bam - the cow is already dressed up!

The rest of the festival participants will release cows at you and sing hymns as they pass over the worshipers.

Is it deadly?

Who will tell us? Here's a counter question. Most of those trampled get up and begin to dance happily, claiming that it didn’t hurt at all.

And then the calf was completely released. Who has more stress than six men?

Of course, a cow will not intentionally step on a person, but accidentally crushing a hand under its hoof does not cost her anything.

“No one gets even a scratch, but the residents’ wishes come true,” shared one of the village residents. They won’t come up with anything to avoid working!

People from neighboring villages also come to watch the cow trampling festival, but there are not many daredevils from visiting.

Look at the size of the herd of cows being driven through. It’s not small at all, you might even accidentally step on your head.

How this village did not become the richest and happiest in the world, if every year cows fulfill the wishes of the inhabitants, is not clear. I think they keep everything secret so as not to incur envy and the evil eye.

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