Participants of the men's beauty contest "Mister Global 2023" presented their national costumes (22 photos)

27 November 2023

There are a huge number of beauty contests of different sizes in the world. Mostly all of them are for the fair half of humanity. But there are, of course, also for men. Among them, we can highlight the annually growing Mister Global, founded in 2014.

In 2023, the final of the competition will be held on November 26, where the main handsome man of the world will be chosen. Well, today we invite you to take a look at the colorful national costumes with which the participants represented their countries.

Jordan Oneil Cintron, Puerto Rico

John Ernest Tanting, Philippines

Oliver Cheung, Hong Kong

Luiz Gustavo Mustafe Perez, Brazil

Oluwaseyifunmi Araga Sosanya, Nigeria

The presentation of national costumes is definitely the brightest and most spectacular part. Here, not only the costume itself is important, but also charisma, which conveys energy. Of course, photographs cannot reflect all this. Therefore, on November 25, a costume demonstration will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel of the competition, where you can see the participants in all their glory.

Le Huu Dat, Vietnam

Alejandro Legaria, Malaysia

Pedro Cordero, Spain

Raul Pinto Moran, Panama

Marcel Ignacio, Switzerland

Samarpan Karki, Nepal

This year, 36 participants from different countries are competing for the title “Mister Global”. Traditionally, for the duration of his reign, the winner will reside in Thailand, where the competition is held.

Eric Moreno Solis, Salvador

Jose Carlos Novelo Puerto, Mexico

Jessie Yaremchik, France

Andy Gonzalez, Cuba

Daniel William Wijay, Indonesia

Since the competition began, more than 70 countries have sent their delegates. In 2022, the winner of “Mister Global” was Cuban Juan Carlos Ariosa.

Ruddy Alexander Taveras Vazquez, Dominican Republic

And Gao, Canada

Frantisek Knobloch, Czech Republic

Alvaro Andres Flores Carvajal, Chile

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