Famous rock stars at the beginning of their careers and today (13 photos)

22 November 2023

Rock stars. Yes, the hair turns gray, the muscles weaken, the skin becomes wrinkled, but this does not stop them from rocking! Because the roar of guitars flows through their veins, and their eyes sparkle as in their youth. Let's take a look at famous rock stars at the beginning of their careers and what they look like today.

Mick Jagger

Age: 80 years

Jagger (The Rolling Stones) at a cricket match in 1972 and at a football match in Spain in 2023.

Ilya Lagutenko

Age: 55 years

The leader of the Mumiy Troll group at one of the concerts in 2004 and in the early 20s.

Jimmy Pop

Age: 51 years

Jimmy is the lead singer of the band Bloodhound Gang, founded in 1992.

Till Lindemann

Age: 60 years

Vocalist of the band Rammstein at a concert in 2001 and at one of the events in 2023.

Iggy Pop

Age: 76 years old

Iggy Pop in concert in 1973 and 2023.

Deborah Harry

Age: 78 years old

Deborah is the lead singer of the rock band Blondie and an actress.

Marilyn Manson

Age: 54 years

Johnny Rotten

Age: 67 years old

The lead singer of the punk band Sex Pistols, who was sensational in Britain and beyond, continues to make music to this day.

James Hetfield

Age: 60 years

Vocalist and guitarist of the metal band Metallica in 1986 and 2023.

Bob Dylan

Age: 82 years

Ozzy Osbourne

Age: 74 years

Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) in 1986 and at a concert in 2022.

Paul McCartney

Age: 81 years old

Angus Young

Age: 68 years old

It seems that this rock 'n' roller from AC/DC doesn't care about age at all!

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