Comparison of famous characters who were in both films and video games (15 photos)

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20 November 2023

Video games are something that a long time ago became not only children's entertainment. It’s very cool after a hard day at work to play some powerful fighting game, splashing out the accumulated rage in the virtual ring.

Some games have become so cool (and it’s not just the visuals, but rather the excellent storyline) that they have become inspiration for creating film adaptations. Today we want to show you what the characters look like in games and in films based on them.

Durotan, World of Warcraft

The leader of the orc clan Durotan in the film adaptation of Warcraft, which was released in 2016, was played by English actor Toby Kebbell.

Anduin Lothar, World of Warcraft

But the Lion of Azeroth, the great military leader Anduin, was played by the famous “Viking” Travis Fimmel.

Ada Wong/ Alice, Resident Evil

Interesting fact: Alice, played by Milla Jovovich in the Resident Evil franchise, the first film of which was released in 2002, was originally based on the game character Ada Wong. Although there are no plot coincidences between Alice and Ada - these are completely two different characters. It’s just that Alice got Ada’s charisma, dynamics, character traits and red dress :)

Ada Wong, Resident Evil

Nevertheless, Ada still appeared in the film “Resident Evil: Retribution”; here her role is close to the game plot.

If we really exaggerate it, it turns out that Ada and Alice are one person. Although, of course, the filmmakers did not plan such a turn of events

Nathan "Nate" Drake, Uncharted

On February 10, 2022, the film adaptation of the Uncharted game “Uncharted: Not on the Cards” was released on the big screen. The main character was played by “spider” Tom Holland.

Sybil Bennett, Silent Hill

The brave law enforcement officer Sybil was played by Laurie Holden in the film of the same name “Silent Hill”, released in 2006.

Alessa Gillespie, Silent Hill

The role of the unfortunate Alessa was played by Canadian actress Jodelle Ferland. In fact, Jodelle played three roles in Silent Hill: Sharon (the light part), the burned and suffering Alessa, and the demonic incarnation (Dark Alessa). At the time of filming, the actress was only 10 years old.

Pikachu, Pokémon

In 2019, a film adaptation of the Pokemon game series called Pokemon. Detective Pikachu." The famous Ryan Reynolds gave his voice and facial expressions to the furry detective.

Jack Carver, Far Cry

The role of the main character in the film Far Cry, which was released back in 2008, was played by the handsome German Til Schweiger.

Edward Carnby, Alone in the Dark

In the film adaptation of Alone in the Dark, the role of Edward Carnby was played by Christian Slater.

Kasumi, Dead or Alive

The spectacular fighting game “Dead or Alive” in 2006 was turned into an equally spectacular action movie “DOA: Dead or Alive”. The role of Kasumi was played by Devon Aoki.

Ayane, Dead or Alive

But the role of the bright Ayane went to Natasiya Malta. In fact, the resemblance is simply uncanny!

Dude, Postal

In 2007, the world saw the film “Postal”, based on the game of the same name. Despite the fact that the film is a dark comedy and action film, it received a rather low rating of only 4.6 on IMDb. And all because of his excessive cruelty. The role of the main character Dude was played by Zach Ward.

Chun-Li, Street Fighter

The powerful beauty Chun-Li in the film adaptation of “Street Fighter”, released in 2009, was played by the incredibly gentle and feminine Kristin Kreuk.

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