What Instagram's office looks like from the inside: games room, gallery and cold brew tap

18 November 2023
An Instagram employee gave a blogger from New York a tour of the company's office. The Instagram building resembles an art gallery; for workers there are vending machines with nuts, snacks, a buffet with ice cream and waffles, a games room with billiards and a terrace overlooking the city.

Tiktoker Caleb Simpson meets random passers-by on the streets and asks them one question - how much they pay for rent in New York and whether they can show him the apartment. In one of the videos, the blogger met with an Instagram employee. The woman refused to disclose information about her personal home, but showed her her work office.

Caleb compared the Instagram office to an art gallery because there are photographs and paintings hanging everywhere. You can find a giant portrait of Pikachu made from stickers in the engineers' room or find op art on the wall.

The journey of Caleb and the Instagram employee began with a snack bar, where employees have at their disposal nut machines, unlimited cold brew taps, a buffet with waffles, ice cream and full meals.
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