Wooden scooter Chukudu and the reasons for its great popularity (9 photos + 1 video)

8 November 2023

Everything is like an adult: such “swallows” are used to make money as a private driver, and the African “bombila” needs up to six months to recoup investments in it.

The Chukudu is a wooden scooter that was first invented in 1972 in Angola, a neighboring country to Congo. Portuguese Pedro Sarracayo created his first scooter from fairly simple materials that he found in the yard of his house. Local residents really liked this invention and a little later personal modifications and improvements were made to its design. Therefore, there are practically no identical wooden scooters.

Resident of Congo and owner of a wooden scooter, according to the poorest country in the world.

Reasons for the popularity of Chukudu.

Congo is the poorest country in the world with a population of more than 70 million people. The main income of the economy of this country is mining. Congo ranks first in the world in cobalt mining. The development of agriculture and livestock farming is hampered by a large number of insects such as the Tsetse fly.

A more expensive Chukudu model with rubberized wheels and shock absorbers.

There are practically no normal roads and vehicles in the country. A car is a luxury and most of the population cannot afford it. This is where this unique wooden scooter came to the rescue. Chukudu has found application as a taxi, as a personal transport, and it still plays a huge role in the transportation of goods.

Driver and forwarder.

The device of a wooden scooter.

The design of the Chukudu scooter is simple; its manufacturing base is strong wood, such as Mamba or Eucalyptus. In most cases, the wheels of this scooter are also made of wood.

The production of wooden scooters in the Congo has been put on stream; there are currently many workshops for their production and maintenance. The minimum cost of Chukudu is about $150, it all depends on the customer’s wishes and the tightness of his wallet; more expensive models are covered with old car tires, and old car shock absorbers are installed.

A salon selling new Chukudu.

The manufacturer provides a guarantee for Chukuda. This is an average of 100-150 thousand kilometers or three years of operation. The load capacity of a wooden scooter is up to 500 kg. but scooters are rare and can withstand a large load, it all depends on its dimensions, the larger the scooter, the greater the load it can withstand.

Transportation of goods.

Sport competitions. The Grand Prix.

Chukudu racing is a very interesting and popular sport in Congo. For racing, a track with climbs, steep, long descents and turns is selected. The competition is officially approved and supported by the Congolese government and has its own prize fund.

The most popular is the Thsukudu Grand Prix. These competitions were first held in 2013 and are now held annually.

Another factor in the popularity of Chukudu is that in the large province of Goma there is a monument depicting a hardworking resident transporting cargo on this amazing wooden scooter.

Congo, Goma province, the monument was erected in 2009.


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