Beauty is a terrible force: what the winners of the Miss Olympia professional bodybuilders competition look like (14 photos)

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6 November 2023

The competition has been held since 1980, and today we want to show you all the champions, starting from the 80s and ending in 2022.

If we talk about competitions where women parade in swimsuits, then the image of some show like “Miss Universe” immediately pops up in your head. But in contrast to the graceful beauties in bikinis, there is a competition with powerful beauties who also perform in bikinis - “Miss Olympia”. This is the most prestigious competition in the world for professional bodybuilders - women have been preparing for it for years!

1980, 1982: Rachel McLeish, USA

Rachel McLeish became the first Miss Olympia. She took part in the competition only four times, twice becoming first.

1981: Ritva "Kike" Elomaa, Finland

1983: Carla Dunlap-Caan, USA

1984-1989: Corinna Everson, USA

Corinna Everson set a high bar for her competitors - she was the first to take first place 6 times in a row, receiving the honorary title of “Miss Olympia”!

1990-1995, 2002, 2003: Lenda Murray, USA

1996-1999: Kim Chizewski-Nicholls, USA

Huge prospects, a prestigious title and a decent cash prize - this is what motivates women to train hard and strive to retain the championship from year to year!

2000, heavy weight: Valentina Chepiga, Ukraine

2000, lightweight: Andrulla Blanchett, England

2001, 2004, 2006-2014, heavyweight: Iris Kyle, USA

Iris Kyle became the absolute champion in consecutively obtaining the Ms. Olympia title, taking first place 9 times in a row. This is the highest result among men and women in the professional bodybuilding league. After winning the title in 2014, Iris announced her retirement.

Also in 2014, without explanation, the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness announced the cancellation of the Miss Olympia competition.

2001-2003, lightweight: Juliet Bergmann, Netherlands

2004, lightweight: Diana Cado, Canada

2005: Yaxeni Oriquin, Venezuela

After a six-year break, Ms. Olympia returned again in 2020. The first winner after the revival of the competition was Andrea Shaw, who has held the title for three years in a row.

2020-2022: Andrea Shaw, USA

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