Olinguito - the mysterious miracle of the foggy forests of Ecuador (7 photos + 1 video)

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1 November 2023

Nature periodically condescendingly allows us, the crowns of creation, to look behind the veil, revealing yet another of its secrets. Relatively recently, the discovery of olingito became such a mystery.

Olingo neblina (lat. Bassaricyon neblina) was discovered and described in 2013 by Christopher Helgen. An American zoologist studied bones and stuffed raccoons located in museums and private collections. And I discovered in some that had not yet been classified, similar features - a small skull and specific fur.

In 2006, the researcher went to Ecuador, where he managed to discover and catch several specimens that confirmed his guesses. Representatives of the raccoon family were found in a forest characterized by fog. And he gave the name in their honor (Spanish neblino - foggy forest).

Only in 2013, the zoologist published the results of his research in a scientific journal. Not much is known about olinguito yet. Secretive cute creatures, resembling a strange hybrid of a cat, a bear cub and a marten, are not too large (30-40 centimeters in length and up to 1.2 kilograms in weight). They are nocturnal. And although olinguitos are omnivores, the basis of their diet is flower nectar and fruits. Especially wild figs, which bring little ones into complete awe.

Olinguitos very rarely descend from trees to the ground, preferring to live, get food and rest right in the dense crown. A couple has only one cub. Which, given the lack of knowledge, prompted the International Union for Conservation of Nature to assign the rare animal the status of a species close to vulnerable.

Olinguito is the only new carnivorous mammal discovered in 35 years.

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