The column is not a column, the cat is stuck (19 photos)

Category: Animals, PEGI 0+
30 October 2023

Seals are very flexible creatures and are easily able to take any pose from a roll to a loaf. But standing is not in the nature of woollens. But still, sometimes they freeze on their hind legs - this is how the ancient survival instinct makes itself felt - be taller and seem scarier.

This is also how cats beg for affection, goodies, satisfy curiosity, or simply be surprised. But in any case, such a column with eyes looks very touching.

1. On duty

2. Wow

3. Pull the foot, pull the second

4. Not lethal, but very difficult number

5. Something tasty is on the horizon

6. This is the case...

7. When will you sort out the packages there?

8. Is this a real live mouse?

9. Arrived to devour treats

10. Air threat

11. Hypnotizing look

12. Guard

13. There are birds and stars

14. I was just passing by

15. I love you so much

16. I’ll sharpen my pen and start writing a poem

17. I'm catching it!

18. The hostess is coming, bringing treats

Can your pet hang on its hind legs?

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