Two workers from Fukushima were hospitalized due to radiation exposure (2 photos)

27 October 2023

It turned out that it was not the fish that were the first to suffer.

Two workers were cleaning a pipe system that used to discharge purified radioactive water from nuclear power plants into the Pacific Ocean "Fukushima-1", received a dose of radiation and were hospitalized, writes the Japanese agency 47News.

Nuclear plant operator Tokyo Electric Power reported that the emergency occurred during a routine check of the cleaning system radionuclides (ALPS). Five workers were pouring nitric acid into a pipe, at this moment the hose came off from the tank in which it is stored waste liquid. Radioactive water splashed the floor and protective workers' clothing. The dosimeter worked.

There was no external water leakage, Tokyo Electric said. Power. However, traces were found on the belongings of four workers polluted water. The test results showed that two workers the level of radioactive radiation on the skin does not fall to safe levels human health indicators. They were rushed to the hospital for carrying out disinfection procedures. Other NPP employees were lucky more and they did not require hospitalization.

Let us recall that on August 24, Japan, with the permission of the IAEA, began dumping more than a million tons of purified water from Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean. This The process, according to the Japanese, will take about three decades. Against the fishermen community spoke out about the release of water, they even treated class action in court. To reassure them, Japanese officials even ate fish caught in the area where the water is drained. After the start water release, China immediately banned the export of fish and seafood from Japan.

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