17 photos that can lead to confusion (18 photos)

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23 October 2023

Sometimes, we look at something familiar, but our brain creates confusing illusions, either by accident or on purpose. In this post you will see deceptive footage that can play a cruel joke on your perception. Take a look!

1. Half tiger

2. How to unsee it?

3. Who has such small legs?

4. I couldn’t understand why this man was looking at me for so long

5. Your wheels are blooming

6. Cats are completely normal size

7. The dog is not very big either

8. My dog is like a brain

9. Balconies without support

10. Floating rocks? Snowy hills? Beach on Socotra island

11. Headless pedestrian

12. This dog has human legs

13. Universe? No, it's regular paint.

14. This reflection and my cat embody a scene from a horror movie

15. I talked to my friend’s jacket for five minutes

16. The plane landed on a building

17. Transparent bench

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