Sky, parachute, grandmother. A granny who jumped with a parachute at the age of 104 died a week after the jump (2 photos + 1 video)

13 October 2023

Dorothy Hoffner, famous for her parachute jump at 104, has died in the United States. The desperate parachutist, whose photos spread throughout the world's media in early October, died peacefully in her sleep at the Brookdale Lake View nursing home, where she lived... Went to heaven.

104-year-old American Dorothy Hoffner, who in early October became the oldest skydiver in history, has died. The Guardian wrote about this with reference to her friend Joe Conant.

She was tireless. She wasn't the type to take a nap during the day or skip an evening event. She always kept going!

Hoffner did not live long before the Guinness Book of Records officially recognized her as the oldest skydiver in the world. This process will take some time, Conant explained. In a conversation with The Guardian, he added that the Book of Records may record Hoffner's achievement posthumously, but preparing the documents will take some time.

Hoffner worked as a telephone operator for more than forty years; she retired 43 years ago. The Chicago resident has never been married and has no close relatives. The first time a woman jumped with a parachute was at the age of 100, and on October 1, 2023, at the age of 104, she repeated the tandem jump. She jumped out of the plane from 13,500 feet (4.1 km). She stated that “age is just a number.”

She would have turned 105 in December.

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