Stopped reading and talking: Bruce Willis is fading away right before our eyes

13 October 2023

Not the most pleasant news comes from the house of Bruce Willis. The legendary "Die Hard" is gradually losing his usual habits due to dementia. us abilities. About how the legendary actor feels now, said his friend and director Glen Gordon Caron in a conversation with New York Post.

“His illness is surprising, because if you knew Bruce Willis, then I know that no one enjoyed life as much as he did. He loved life wake up every morning and take everything from her. And now he sees life through cloudy glass,” said the director.

“It seems like it takes him the first three minutes to figure out who I am. He almost doesn't speak. He was also a voracious reader - but did not want to they knew this, but now he doesn’t read it. All language skills are not available to him, but it’s still Bruce,” Caron said, adding that the joy of life has left artist.

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