In Russia, Chelyabinsk region, officials have found the main source of air pollution. And these are not industrial enterprises (5 photos)

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11 October 2023

Now the authorities will deal with a new misfortune.

This summer, the Chelyabinsk region was recognized as the worst region of the Russian Federation in terms of ecology.

In Chelyabinsk itself, air pollution is also not very good. Rospotrebnadzor took up the issue and quickly figured out the reasons. It turns out that the kebab is to blame for everything.

Or rather, barbecues on which meat is fried. Officials claim that cooking barbecue over an open fire led to exceeding the standard for suspended solids by 30%, for sulfur dioxide by 0.8%, and for acrolein by 4.2%.

And she sent out a letter to the owners of kebab shops and other restaurants. In it, they recommended using electrical equipment and abandoning stoves and barbecues:

According to the owner of one of the catering outlets:

We received this paper yesterday, we are in the process of understanding it.

For now, these are only recommendations; the authorities do not provide for fines or any sanctions for the traditional preparation of kebabs or steaks.

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