How the film "Tremors" was filmed: footage from filming and interesting facts (19 photos)

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9 October 2023

In 1990, the film "Tremors" was released, telling the story of huge underground worms and a handful of people who are trying to escape from them.

1. Initially, the film was supposed to be called "Land Shark". But when a character with that name appeared in one of the episodes of the show "Saturday night live", it was decided to change the name of the film to something unique so that there would be no problems later.

2. Actor Michael Gross, who played gun-obsessed hunter Bert, began filming the film immediately after finishing filming the series Family Ties, in which he played one of the main roles. The audience was surprised by the contrast between the two characters played by this actor.

3. Remember the moment when the heroes find a buried car with its headlights on? Initially, the creators wanted to actually dig a huge hole and bury a real car there, but due to the fact that this would entail additional costs, they decided to abandon this idea.

In order to create the effect of a buried car, only the bumper with headlights was buried in the ground. Well, the beam rushing into the sky was created using an ordinary spotlight.

4. This film and its sequels do not tell about the nature of the origin of graboids (those giant worms). The creators did this deliberately to abandon the boring clichés about radiation and meteorites from space. Therefore, the appearance of graboids remains a mystery.

5. Despite the fact that several Graboids are shown in the film, in reality only one full-sized example was created, which was used in some scenes.

In other scenes, either miniature versions of the worms or parts of them were used.

6. It was originally planned that the graboids would make imitative sounds to lure people, but then this idea was abandoned, deciding that it was too much.

7. Despite the fact that the film "Tremors" is a hit, in 1990 it collected a very weak box office, namely 16.7 million dollars against a budget of 11 million.

However, this did not stop the creators and producers from riveting sequels. But they turned out to be even less successful, and as a result, the 3rd, 4th and 5th parts were released immediately on media. And their budget was much more modest.

8. Of the entire original cast, only Michael Gross, who played Burt, appeared in absolutely every part of the film.

Tremors 5

9. The creators were happy that they were able to get a positive response from famous actor Kevin Bacon. But Kevin didn’t take on this role out of a good life. The fact is that the actor needed money, and due to several failed films with his participation, there were no particularly interesting offers. So he agreed to almost everything that was offered to him, including filming in the film “Tremors.” The reason is simple - money. At that time, Kevin’s girlfriend was pregnant, and he urgently needed money for the wedding and for his future life with the baby.

Initially, he basically did not believe in this project, believing that this film would be another failure in his piggy bank. But later he changed his mind. Moreover, he even starred in the pilot episode of the series Tremors, which was supposed to be released in 2018. But in the end, the series was never filmed.

10. For the scene of the graboid falling from the cliff, condoms filled with orange paint were placed inside the mannequin. After the mannequin fell, the rubber products burst and paint spilled out.

True, this scene had to be filmed several times, since the worm kept falling in the wrong direction. After each unsuccessful fall, the mannequin had to be washed for a long time and refilled with rubber products.

11. We all remember that the film ends with a kissing scene between Rhonda and Val, but initially the ending should have been different. According to the original plan, there should have been no kiss. In the original plot, Val and Earl simply leave town, and then Val remembers that he forgot Rhonda's lighter, after which they return. But the focus group didn’t like this ending, so it was decided to reshoot it.

12. In order for the film to receive a teen rating, all obscene and very abusive words were removed (replaced) from it.

13. The same elephant hunting gun with which Bert killed one graboid was a real one, but of course it was fired with blank cartridges. This rare weapon was provided for filming by a collector.

14. It was originally planned that another small elongated mouth would come out of the Graboids’ mouth, like the xenomorph from the movie “Alien”. But this idea was considered funny, since the elongated jaw reminded many of something vulgar. Therefore, it was decided to abandon this idea, and the worm’s mouth was filled with a large number of tentacles.

Also, on the poster for the film you can see that the graboid does not have any tentacles, and its mouth is filled with sharp teeth, which were not present in the film.

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