A Manila airport employee stole money from a passenger and ate it (3 photos)

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26 September 2023

I ate for the rest of my life.

The incident occurred on September 8 in Terminal One Manila International Airport, writes the Philippine newspaper Phil Star Global. Surveillance cameras recorded the security officer took money out of the departing passenger's wallet, but when he noticed missing and made a fuss, the woman turned her back to him and began destroy evidence in the only available way. She crumpled up the bills and I hastily tried to swallow them, washing them down with water, and almost choked.

It is known that an airport employee took money out of the wallet of a departing Chinese citizen surnamed Cai. Total she stole three hundred dollar bills.

Philippine Transport Secretary Jaime Bautista responded to incident, demanding that the thief be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The airport administration suspended the employee from work. What a punishment she is threatened, it is not reported.

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