Real Madrid will help a teenager who lost his entire family during the earthquake in Morocco (2 photos + 1 video)

19 September 2023

A 14-year-old boy - a Real Madrid fan - one day became an orphan, having lost his parents, grandfather and brothers. However, now, thanks to football club, he will be able to finish his studies and find a job. Perhaps this turn in life will be the beginning of a bright future for guy.

The recent earthquake in Morocco claimed the lives of almost three thousands of people. Many Moroccans lost their entire families during the tragedy. when houses collapse. Abdul Rahim became an orphan overnight, having lost his the rubble of all their relatives.

The film crew of the Al Arabiya TV channel interviewed an inconsolable boy right on the ruins. During the interview he was in Real Madrid T-shirt. The teenager's story went viral on social media. whose users were shocked by the boy’s grief. They've done a bunch efforts to get the video noticed by the Madrid football club. And them the efforts were crowned with success.

Real Madrid decided to help the boy. He will be taken to Spain, where Abdul Rahim can study, train and, if he wants, work. He is a football fan, loves sports himself, like almost anyone boy kicking a ball.

"My dad wanted me to study and become something in the future. He wanted me to become a doctor or a teacher. I just want to finish my studies." the teenager said.

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