Guru of disguise - Malay horned frog (6 photos)

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7 September 2023

Where is the easiest place to hide a leaf? In the forest. But this is on condition if the place is not occupied by this amazing creature. which looks like the leaf is even larger than the leaf itself.

Malayan or long-nosed horned frog could easily teach courses in camouflage. If you wanted to, of course. After all, this the little hunter is a typical inhabitant of the tropical forests of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore masterfully merges with the area, reminiscent of his appearance a bunch of rotten last year's foliage.

In a stationary state, this creature can be hours, waiting for a not too attentive victim. Long-nosed carcass perfectly smooth. There are specific growths above the eyes, resembling small leaves. The same "leaf" is on the nose. And nature did a great job in creating camouflage: even the pattern and veins these growths resemble a real leaf.

Finding this hidden creature is problematic. But the researchers found a way out: they go to the domain of frogs at night, armed with a flashlight. The eyes of the motionless leaf sculptures begin shimmer in the dark, reflecting the light.

This method is also resorted to by collectors hunting for coveted specimens. Long-nosed horned frogs in captivity breed very slowly. Therefore, people with flashlights also go out on hunting to provide an opportunity for those who wish to have an unusual pet.

Which is generally wrong. Indeed, despite the extensive population, gradual deforestation, and so contributes to a decrease in the range a habitat.

Ideally, it would be better to leave this leaf-shaped miracle in rest. After all, in captivity it lives a little, and the world is full of other animals, who are human-oriented and very eager to become domestic.

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