Fascinating video games based on real events (10 photos)

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7 September 2023

Real events inspire not only screenwriters and directors. Video game developers adapt real events and stories, creating amazing and lively scenes from them. We invite you to take a look a selection of really exciting games that can really tighten.

Velvet Assassin (Velvet killer), 2009

A gripping story inspired by the life of the famous British spy Violetta Chabot.

Kholat (Kholat), 2015

Holat is an adventure horror story that tells an alternative the history of events that happened to a group of skiers on the Dyatlov Pass in 1959.

The Town of Light (City of Light), 2016

The Town of Light is a psychological adventure that makes us plunge into an atmosphere of despair and madness. Events develop in the first half of the 20th century, in Italy, in real an existing psychiatric clinic that used dubious treatments. Developers were inspired by letters, memories of employees and patients who had to visit this terrible institution.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Valiant Hearts: The Great War), 2014

The game is inspired by the events of the First World War. Many of her episodes are based on real stories of the military, and game battles correspond to key battles that actually took place.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday (1979 Revolution: Black Friday), 2016

The player will have to look at an amazing historical event through the eyes of photojournalist Reza Shirazi, who is involved in the Islamic revolution in Iran.

That Dragon, Cancer (That Dragon, Cancer), 2016

The game immerses us in the sad story of a boy named Joel, who is battling a terrible disease. It is based entirely on real events, because the developers are his parents. Game mechanics is an "interactive cinema" in which we mostly we will have to observe the events, which, unfortunately, we do not we can influence.

L.A. Noire (Los Angeles noir), 2011

The game used data from real criminal cases. Also the developers have done a great job recreating the environment Los Angeles in 1947 in detail.

Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper (Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper), 2009

This game reflects real events only partially. Yes Sherlock Holmes is a completely fictional character. However, the game shows real details of a case that once rocked all of London. In progress passing the story, we can see the real victims of the killer and the wounds, which he inflicted on them.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance (2018)

Czech developers have qualitatively revealed the setting of Bohemia 1403 year and showed the difficult relationship between real-life brothers - Sigismund and King Wenceslas IV.

Silent Hill 1999

The real prototype of the sinister Silent Hill was a small town called Centralia. Once upon a time it was an ordinary and quite a thriving mining town. However a fire in a network of mine tunnels completely turned peaceful life upside down townspeople. A fire broke out underground, which led to serious faults and emit toxic clouds of smoke. Many residents have left their home. However, there were those who refused to leave despite the danger.

Because of the fire, the entire city was covered in thick smoke and ash. It was this feature that inspired the developers of Silent Hill to creating an amazing and creepy game location.

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