Mystical fiery mummies of Kabayan (7 photos)

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29 August 2023

The burial customs of some peoples look strange and illogical. But representatives of the Ibaloi tribe living in the territory Philippines, can claim leadership in this part.

Tombs with remains over 1000 years old territory of the Kabayan municipality (hence the name of the mummies) by chance discovered by a team of lumberjacks in the 1970s. Bodies placed in coffins oval shape, well preserved for age. They didn't have only teeth and hair, but also internal organs, which completely turned ideas of the scientific world about embalming.

Indeed, before that, on numerous examples of Egyptian mummies it was believed that it was impossible to save them. But the Ibaloi, who believed that while preserving the body, ancestors can help their descendants - instruct, solve problems and share experience, approached the process very, very Seriously, turning it into art.

Still, after all, it took more than two years to process the body. It happened like this:

The body was thoroughly washed, after which it was placed over smoldering coals. It looks creepy, but the remains literally withered (hence name - fiery). Remaining intact in the process, but with the loss of all body fluids.

Smoke was blown through the mouth to preserve internal organs. certain plants. Then the mummy was rubbed with special herbs, were placed in a small egg-shaped coffin in a sitting position. An approach pursued purely practical goals - so in the caves it was possible accommodate more phones.

There is even an assumption that the excellent safety provided an extra hard way. Sensing approach death, a person drank a saline solution, which began to dry out the body and organs before death, preparing for a beautiful afterlife.

Unfortunately, the caves where the mummies were found did not were guarded. Naturally, many were looted. Country authorities only a few bodies were returned. Yes, even after contacting to the world community and shamed the vandals.

Moreover, there was an unpleasant incident with one thief - local pastor who stole the mummy of the leader. Everyone who, in one way or another, was involved in kidnapping and resale, died in strange circumstances. In the best, so to speak, traditions of body snatchers. A the mummy of the leader was returned to the cave, having carried out all the necessary rituals.

Now the burial of Apo Anna is closed with bars. Tourists access is open, but you can get to the caves only with a guide and at a very difficult mountain path. The Ibaloi stopped mummifying the remains of their the dead, so fire mummies are not only a part of life separate tribe, but also an important cultural artifact.

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