TOP 15 best films of this summer that both viewers and critics liked (15 photos)

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29 August 2023

Summer has gone by like it never happened! Yes, this Friday comes September 1st. But do not be sad, because the kids need to go to school see off. And you can also get distracted by some cool movie that you may not have seen. We have those! We invite you to take a look TOP 15 best films of this summer, which were liked by both the audience and critics. Ranked based on votes from Rotten Tomatoes

15th place. "Elementary"

Cartoon from Pixar and Disney about a town inhabited by four classical element (elements). Two representatives of different elements find they have a lot in common.

14th place. "Asteroid City"

The new work of Wes Anderson - a lover of symmetry and aesthetic Pictures. Starring Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton and other celebrities.

13th place. "Blue Beetle"

Movie based on DC comics about a teenager who became possessor of superpowers. Critics praised Sholo's game Mariduena (Blue Beetle).

12th place. "Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 3"

Perhaps the most serious of all parts of the "Guardians", which tells about a new mission to save the whole planet and, of course, the history of the Rocket (one of the main characters). But despite the heartbreaking storyline, James Gunn also pleases us with appropriate humor here.

11th place. "Jules"

This fantastic comedy with elements of drama was played by famous actors of exquisite age (Ben Kingsley, Harriet Sansom Harris, Jane Curtin and others) that can touch and amuse the viewer.

10th place. "Blackening"

According to critics, the film could have been a little scarier and funnier, but nevertheless it is a thoughtful satire on racial stereotypes.

9th place. "Barbie"

The reason for all the latest memes and trends or the highest grossing movie directed by a woman.

8th place. "Crazy Ride"

Chinese American deal turns into a search blood mother, without which she can not get the job of her dreams. IN adventures are drawn in by friends and acquaintances.

7th place. "Oppenheimer"

Another achievement for Christopher Nolan after Dunkirk and Cillian Murphy after Peaky Blinders.

6th place. "You hurt my feelings"

Dramatic comedy about the writer's relationship with her husband, role played by Tobias Menzies, best known for his roles in The Game thrones”, “Crown”, in the films “Duel” and others.

5th place. "Talk to me"

An exciting horror movie with modern effects, built on classic storyline. A story about how playing with the supernatural can turn into a disaster.

4th place. "Spider-Man: Web of Universes"

The audience was overtaken not just by a journey through the universe of "spiders" and its various representatives, but also acquaintance with various art-computer techniques, which change depending on character. Such animation works prove that the technical progress makes it possible to improve the abilities of talented artists.

3rd place. "Mission Impossible: Deadly Reckoning. Part one"

The seventh film in the Mission Impossible franchise starring Tom Cruise about a world threatened by artificial intelligence.

2nd place. "Past Lives"

The film was named one of the film festival's strongest debuts. Sundance in recent years. Indie Wire (magazine aboutindependent cinema) also spoke about the professionalism of the director (Celine Son), who is predicted brilliant career, and the actors who played the main roles.

1 place. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

First of all, the Turtles won the attention of a completely new visualization that was inspired by drawings in school notebooks, that is, in fact, the dreams and hobbies of the teenagers themselves, who they are Main characters.

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29 August 2023
Я посмотрел Элементарно и Руби Гилман - очень хорошо, даже замечательно. Мне понравилось, хочу продолжений.
Посмотрел Барби и Паутину вселенных - я не знаю, какими отклонениями и зависимостями нужно страдать, чтобы такое понравилось.
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