In Chelyabinsk, a football player beat a judge from Cameroon

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24 August 2023

The athlete did not like that the referee showed a red card to his brother.

During the match of the 18th round of the second season of the "North-West League 8-8" between the football clubs "Katren" and "Bazhova", which took place on August 20 in Chelyabinsk, a black referee from Cameroon, Maxime Georges, was beaten right on the field.

It all happened because of the excessive emotionality of the Bazhov players, who at first confidently led with a score of 3-1, and at the end of the game they conceded three goals at once. The players, in an attempt to rectify the situation, began to foul hard, because of which the football player Tital Snjoyan received first one yellow card, and then the second, which is equivalent to a red card and removal from the field. Tital's brother Telman, who plays under the tenth number in the same Bazhov, decided to challenge the decision of the black judge. After a short conversation in raised tones, Telman Snjoyan attacked the referee with his fists.

However, Georges also turned out to be not timid and tried to get even with the offender. True, for him it all ended sadly. Having an advantage in weight and wrestling skills, Snjoyan effectively threw the thin Cameroonian onto the lawn, after which the athletes ran up and dragged both in different directions.

According to one of the organizers of the Football League, Sergei Leonchenko, a meeting of the disciplinary committee will be held tonight, which will consider the egregious incident with the attack on the referee. According to him, Telman Snjoyan, most likely, will no longer play in the league.

“FC Bazhova was led during the meeting. But after we conceded a few goals, the game fell apart. The boys were emotional. This is football. Even Spartak and Zenit sometimes fight each other. But the fact that the football player attacked the referee should not be left without consequences, ”Leonchenko said.

As a result, FC "Bazhova" lost with a score of 4:3 and received 2 red cards

The local publication "Pchela" writes that the police department "Kurchatovsky" registered a statement about a fight on the football field. The Chelyabinsk headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that all the participants in the brawl had already been identified, the police were conducting an inspection, establishing all the circumstances of the incident.

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