The dog ran away from home and rode the train

12 August 2023

In Australia, the dog swept through Melbourne and the surrounding area on a train and surprised the passengers.

Residents of Melbourne (Australia), traveling by commuter train, could only be surprised at the unexpected neighborhood. People were interested in the Labrador, who came to the station unattended and entered the car of the arriving train. Dogs in transport are, of course, not uncommon, but somehow it is implied that they must be accompanied by people.

After the dog drove eight stops, the driver was informed about him. An unusual passenger was taken out of the train and handed over to the station staff, who contacted the Lost Dog's Home organization, which is involved in helping lost animals.

While waiting for the rescuers, the Labrador did not get bored, because they put a leash on him and gave him a tour of the station and the surrounding area. In addition, almost all those present did not deny themselves the pleasure of stroking and caressing a friendly animal.

After the dog's implanted microchip was scanned, it turned out that his name was Storm. Having learned the address of Storm's owners, the rescuers helped him get home. In general, the dog is very obedient, so the owners have no idea why he decided to run away and ride the train. Perhaps at some point he needed his own individual adventure.

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