The owner made an elevator for a dog that has difficulty walking

1 August 2023

As the dog got older, it became difficult for the dog to walk up the stairs, and this made his owner very upset. Realizing the importance of movement for a pet at this age, he built an elevator specifically for Sadie, and his daughter filmed the process on video.

On it, the dog is loaded into a large box at the level of the first floor of the house, which is separated from the ground by several steps, then the owner closes the door behind the pet, presses the button, and the elevator begins to descend. As soon as Sadie reached the desired level, the owner hurried to open another door so that the dog could go outside.

According to Kerry, Sadie has had cancer in the past. Now she continues to enjoy her pension, and the love of the owners and such cunning inventions help her in this.

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