Lancer, which you did not know (10 photos)

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23 June 2023

The career of the legendary American tuner and professional racing driver Carroll Shelby usually evokes two associations. The first one is a Shelby Cobra car and another Ford Mustang. His company Shelby American actually had several models (along with the Cobra, the most famous - Daytona), and Carroll himself tuned many more models, than it might seem. This is especially true for the eighties. years when he collaborated with the Chrysler Corporation.

It was led by his longtime friend Lee Iacocca (Mustang Shelby was created thanks to him) and invited Shelby to "come out of the shadows" and propose their equipment for the Dodge brand. Although such cars will only a shadow of those built twenty years earlier, the Shelby versions, such as Omni, Charger, Daytona and Shadow were actually relatively good for their time.

One such model is the Dodge Lancer. Before Mitsubishi began to use this name, Lancer was produced by Dodge with 1985 to 1989 and 136,455 copies were produced. He also was offered in Europe under the name Chrysler GTS, but there it’s not particularly gone.

However, the Americans liked it a little more, and they went so far as to introduce a version of Shelby aimed at compete with none other than the magnificent BMW 3 Series.

Half of the models were available with a three-speed automatic transmission and the other with a five-speed manual transmission. The engine in both cases was turbocharged 2.2-liter, 175 horsepower and maximum torque of 237 Nm.

The Shelby version was only offered in red, with special bumpers and 15-inch wheels. The leather seats were available in version with automatic transmission. Lancer was also richly equipped and was one of the first cars in America with CD player and ten speakers from Pioneer.

Those who had the opportunity to ride it highly appreciated running qualities. Factory information says that acceleration from standstill to 100 km/ h took about seven seconds, and the maximum is 208 km/ h. Cause low popularity was covered in the price of 16,995 US dollars or 45,500 Today.

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