American replaced toilet paper with leaves and advises to follow his example (4 photos)

26 May 2023

Robin Greenfield, 36-year-old resident of Asheville (USA), has been for five years uses Plectranthus ciliatus leaves instead of toilet paper (plectranthus ciliate or spur flower). According to him, they have the perfect size and the right texture, and most importantly, it is environmentally friendly and absolutely free.

The man claims that the leaves of the spur flower are "brilliantly get the job done," saved him a fortune and allow you to “be kinder to the planet”. He stopped buying toilet rolls paper and paper towels in 2013, making do with ordinary napkins, of which there are usually a lot left if you buy takeaway food, or fabric napkins.

But five years ago, Robin realized that the right plant leaves - a much more environmentally friendly replacement, chose leaves spur flower and completely switched to them. He thinks he saved already thousands of dollars. And now he hopes that others will follow him. example.

Toilet paper consumption contributes to deforestation and massive use of fossil fuels in transport. Therefore the call grow your own plants at home and find alternatives consumerism is more relevant than ever.

In general, the idea is quite simple. We are currently completely dependent on corporations that make millions, destroying the planet. Fossil fuels and big factories are hurting the planet a lot of damage, and growing your own toilet paper is fun and environmentally friendly. The average American spends $11,198 on toilet paper during his life, so it is also a huge financial benefit.

The leaves are very soft, withstand pressure and do not break, to They also have a natural mint flavor. plant easily grow, and it will fundamentally not cause any harm to the environment environment!

Robin's non-profit campaign provides cuttings plants for those who want to try his method of "growing toilet paper." Entrepreneurial environmentalist tours the country talking about how great and profitable it is to have such a useful plant.

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