12 funny photos about the people whose women's hats will give odds to any men's (11 photos)

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17 May 2023

I am sure that looking at the first photo, you became interested, but where is it and in what times did ladies wear such unusual hats?

I must say right away that such a headdress was worn not only respectable old women, as you might think, but also quite young girls. Here for example:

But the men's hats were quite ordinary.

Well, or, if they are similar to those worn by the ladies, but still smaller and different shape. This is clearly seen in the next frame:

So what kind of hats are these and the people for whom they were in the order of things? My friends, these are Welsh, and this headdress, respectively, is called the Welsh hat.

The Welsh are, in fact, the Welsh, that is, the inhabitants of Wales, historical region in the southwest of Great Britain. Just in Russia once the toponym Wales was called "Wallis" for simplicity and in the German manner, and this has been the case to this day. Well, its inhabitants, respectively, became Welsh.

The total number of this people today is about 6 million, of of which only 2 live directly in Wales. Rest settled around the world: USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

They are descendants of those same Celts, they have their own Welsh a language currently spoken by only 19% of the Welsh population. Once they separated from the Britons, another Celtic people, earlier inhabiting the territory of modern Great Britain, and for centuries fought with Anglo-Saxon tribes who planted their culture on the Welsh. But, in in the end, they lost.

The Welsh hat, in a sense, even became a symbol of their cultural identity. Although, in fact, she entered the traditional costume Welsh ladies literally a couple of centuries ago.

What exactly influenced the choice of this shape and size so far has been the subject of controversy among historians. Someone blames someone an aristocratic fashionista, but one way or another, by the end of the 1840s, the Welsh the hat has become a symbol of Wales.

And at the end of the story I will add a few words about the man, thanks to which we saw these truly amazing imprints of time.

All these photos, except for one, which is signed separately, taken by Welsh photographer John Thomas. In 1863 he started to study photography, and in 4 years he founded his own photography business, photographing the landscapes and people of Wales.

In the picture above, he is in the upper right corner (with a beard). Surprisingly, no separate portrait of the maestro has been preserved. Maybe never happened, although his photographic heritage is about 3 thousand negatives, some of which you looked at today.

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