How famous Spanish and Italian actors and actresses have changed since their first appearance in the cinema (11 photos)

2 May 2023

Two beautiful southern European countries Spain and Italy supply the world not only with some of the best football players in the world, but also first-class actors and actresses who, both in the 20th century and now, are stable acquire the status of movie stars.

We remembered some of the brightest of the living prides of Spanish and Italian cinema and showed how they have changed since one of his first appearances on the big screen.

Roberto Benigni

Roberto Benigni in You Bother Me (1983) and at the Sanremo Music Festival in 2023.

Monica Bellucci

Actress in the film "The Lottery" (1991) and in an interview for the film "Flashback" (2022).

Sophia Loren

Actress in the film "Attila" (1954) and on the set of the film "All Life Ahead" (2020).

Adriano Celentano

Actor in the film "Super Heist in Milan" (1965) and at a musical performance in 2019.

Antonio Banderas

Actor in the films "Passion Labyrinth" (1982) and "Indiana Jones and the Clock of Destiny" (2023).

Pas Vega

Actress in the film Nobody Knows Nobody (1999) and the mini-series Kaleidoscope (2023).

Elsa Pataky

Actress in the films "Flying Christmas" (2001) and "Pokerface" (2022).

Javier Bardem

Actor in the films "High Heels" (1991) and "My Pet Crocodile" (2022).

Penelope Cruz

Actress in the films "Ham, Ham" (1992) and "Code 355" (2022).

Bonus: Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem together in Ham, Ham (1992)

The actors, who had crossed paths in the cinema 30 years ago, got married only in 2010.

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