Dad is not your mom: crazy photos from fathers who sit with children (15 photos)

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16 April 2023

The approach to parenting is very different for mothers and fathers. More often everything is more fun with them, carefree and not as right as with mom. Can and rage enough, and junk food to eat. We have collected funny shots from loving fathers.

1. Mommy and daddy games are different

2. During the children's parade, the father also wore a suit.

3. How dad reacts to daughter's pranks - just nerves of steel

4. You can also work out women's affairs with dad

5. Musical pause

6. "My daughter found out that she will be an older sister - and is not very happy" - only fathers can take such photos

7. Invented entertainment for my son

8. Beauty brought

9. Box lock

10. Dads collect funny photos.

11. Men's cooking

12. Jumped

13. It was a dinner that mom did not see

14. While the son was sleeping, dad played himself

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