Dorothy Eady: Fraudster or Reborn? (8 photos)

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6 April 2023

Although at first glance the story of this woman's life seems to be a lie, there are too many strange coincidences in it.

Dorothy Louise Eady began her earthly journey with the fact that ... she died. No, first a girl, like everyone else, was born. It was in 1904 in a family Irish tailor who later founded one of the first cinemas in Britain.

Dorothy as a child

When the baby was three years old, she unsuccessfully stumbled on stairs and died. At least the death was declared by the arrival doctor. The heartbroken parents began to prepare for the funeral. We returned home with papers and saw our daughter sitting on the bed: Dorothy for both cheeks ate chocolate.

Physically, the girl recovered almost instantly. A Here in behavior strangenesses have begun. The girl announced that she was ancient Egyptian priestess in the temple of Isis. She often had dreams who repeated the same vision: a luxurious house with columns and lake surrounded by a garden.

When she was 7 years old, Dorothy saw this house in the picture. The house she thought was hers was actually a temple at Abydos. But the parents attributed everything to their daughter's living fantasy. After all, the children of what only don't make it up in an attempt to get attention.

family and journey home

The visit made a huge impression on the girl. Egyptian Room of the British Museum. The schoolgirl crouched at the feet of the statues, tried to kiss their feet and said that these were her people, her people.

Having matured, she began to actively study the history of Ancient Egypt and even the language under the guidance of a famous Egyptologist. The success was astonishing his. It felt like she was just remembering something she had forgotten.

The strangeness of the daughter upset the relatives. Those tried to influence, even to treat. But Edie didn't give up on her idea.

Dorothy married in 1933. The chosen one was an Egyptian Imam Abdel Megid. And the woman finally got home, as she wanted. At first, everything went well in the family. A son was born, a woman taught English language. But then Dorothy started having strange nighttime visions: she saw an old man half asleep, who constantly told her something dictated. Also, in a semi-conscious state, she wrote down hieroglyphs.

true home

Temple at Abydos

The marriage broke up after a couple of years. And Dorothy went to work in Department of Antiquities of Cairo. Subsequently received permission to participation in excavations. Dorothy was made an exception despite lack of specialized education: too deep and passionate was her passion for Egypt.

She has been doing what she loves for about 20 years. And eventually got home - to the same temple in Abydos, which I found for some intuition. Specialists repeatedly tried to catch her on some inconsistencies. But the European woman knew so much about traditions rituals, language, writing, culture, that all attempts failed.

Dorothy positioned herself as a priestess named Benetreshut, which means "harp of joy" in translation. She sinned - she entered into a relationship with Pharaoh himself, became pregnant and committed suicide.

Until the age of 60, Idi held the post of guardian of that the temple itself. Even when she retired, she did not agree to move to son and for a few more years worked as a tour guide.

She passed away in 1981 when she was 77 years old. So far until now it was not possible to understand for sure whether the woman was a charlatan or simply very passionate nature. However, there is a certain possibility reincarnation.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

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