One of a kind: what chatuite looks like - the rarest mineral on the planet (5 photos)

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22 March 2023

A tiny pebble weighing only 0.3 grams is priceless, because it is one of a kind.

To date, the International Mineralogical the association recognizes that there are approximately 5,500 species on the planet minerals. However, only a small part is widespread: approximately 2-3% from all minerals known to science. Some of them are truly a unique mineral is kyawthuite. It exists only in one tiny copy.

Chatuit was discovered quite recently: the mineral was found in 2010. Recognized as unique five years later. This reddish orange transparent pebble was discovered quite by accident.

Chatuit was found on the banks of the river by Myanmar hunters for rubies. Together with other rubies, chatuit came to the market in the city of Mogou, which is also called "ruby country". The market in the city is broken right open-air, where precious and semi-precious stones can be buy in bulk.

Perhaps chatuit would have remained unknown and lost among many other stones in the Myanmar market, if not mineralogist-petrologist Cha Tu (Kyaw Thu), who periodically visits local merchants. He noticed an unusual stone among rubies and sapphires and decided to buy it. In Mogou, Cha Tu could not identify the mineral, but when the scientist returned to his laboratory in Yangon, he found that in front of him is a truly unique stone that was not previously known science.

Five years later, Chatuit was recognized by the International mineralogical association and gave the find the name Chatuit in honor of the petrologist, who found it. Since then, no such pebble has been found, so that chatuite is the only one of its kind and is considered the rarest mineral planets. It weighs only 0.3 grams, but for its size it is very heavy: the density of the mineral is 8 times that of water.

This tiny copy is now stored in the Los Angeles museum of natural history. Its value is unknown, because chatuit is not for sale, so we can safely say that this mineral is priceless.

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