In the Netherlands, a historian discovered a unique 1000-year-old treasure (5 photos)

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17 March 2023

A Dutch historian using a metal detector discovered a unique treasure of 1000 years ago. He made his discovery in the town Hogwood in the north of the Netherlands. Among the finds are four gold earrings, two strips of gold leaf, and 39 silver coins.

Rijksmuseum State Museum of Antiquities in the Netherlands announced a unique find - a treasure of gold jewelry and silver 1000 year old coins. A local historian back in 2021 discovered this treasure in the northern town of Hogwood with a metal detector. IN in particular, he managed to find four crescent-shaped gold earrings, two strips of gold leaf, and 39 silver coins. Latest belong to the Middle Ages and date from the period from 1200 to 1248 - according to According to experts, this indicates that the treasure was buried in the middle of 13 century. At that time, the jewelry was already more than 200 years old - they were family heirloom.

Historian Lorenzo Ruyter, who discovered the treasure, immediately reported the find to the local authorities. The man had to years of silence about his discovery, while museum experts studied and cleaned jewelry. Only recently, jewelry was first presented to the public and sent to the exhibition. The most interesting of all found jewelry - pendant earrings. Four large crescent-shaped earrings belong to 11 century. Historians have been attracted by the curious patterns and figures engraved on them (photo below). The experts found that these earrings were not worn on the ears - but rather attached to a hood or headband.

39 silver coins also attracted the attention of specialists museum. These are old Dutch pennies. Found along with the coins pieces of cloth - this indicates that they were originally buried in bag. The latest of the coins was minted in 1247-8 under William II Dutch. The entire treasure, as historians have concluded, has a huge archaeological significance in the history of Holland. They will be presented at the exhibition in State Museum of Antiquities until mid-June, and then on other expositions.

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