Practical Amadina Found an Unusual Nesting Place (6 Photos + 1 Video)

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14 March 2023

Sometimes it seems to us that animals will no longer demonstrate anything. new and interesting: everything in their behavior has long been studied and therefore predictable. But they are very capable of surprising and even shocking.

For example, ornithologists did not say anything about the fact that this a typical representative of the feathered world of Australia - zebra finches, which belongs to the family of finches, can demonstrate necrological tendencies. And nest not on tree, as they are supposed to, and in the rectum of a dead dingo dog.

How did the bird even turn up such a conveniently located corpse the only placental predator of the Australian fauna?

Zebra finches

The fact is that when Europeans brought cattle to Australia, wild dingo dogs began to multiply at a frantic rate. AND they slaughtered sheep not only to get enough, but just for fun. dogs began to catch, poison, shoot. All this required solid investments.

wild dog dingo

Farmers even the "Great Australian Wall" had to build. The impressive structure, also known as the dog wall, stretches from the east coast of Australia for thousands of kilometers endless red steppe to the Nillarbor Plain on the south coast. Length fence is 5614 kilometers.

Local farmers themselves claim that dingo creatures are very smart. And as soon as they hear the sound of a shot once, how much more they are in this the dangerous area will not appear. In general, if this is true, this is a common reflex. And as a preventive measure, Australian farmers use such frightening bugbears - they hang the corpses of dingoes on trees so that their living counterparts bypass farms and herds. However, everything is good in moderation, because at this rate the dingo will soon will be on the brink of extinction.

As for the enterprising finches, the choice of a specific nesting sites can also be explained. These little birds are building bottle-shaped nest. It is very warm, because it consists of plant fibers and inside is also lined with feathers. incubation lasts about 12 days, and the chicks are released into the wild for 21 days.

Let's hope the kids have time to fly away before the corpse, global processes and changes will begin. Worth it anyway think twice before going to Australia. Even if some 10 cm birdies on this continent are so severe.

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