From improvised means: the work of the guru of repair and restoration of things (17 photos)

14 March 2023

Prices in stores now bite a lot, so popularity used by people who can repair and restore various things. And when they lack sleight of hand, then to the rescue comes the extraordinary thinking that they are so famous for. Why buy new, when can the old be fixed?

1. Let's start the post with provincial car services, where they continue to use non-standard methods of car repair

2. Valery in action!

3. Bumpers for foreign cars jumped in price, but our man does not despair

4. H - reliable

5. Neat stitches

6. More like

7. So that the enemy does not pass

8. Only those who do not know how to work with their hands spend money.

9. Well worth a try

10. Innovation in the capital

11. Good thing it's not a plane

12. Dedicated to scotch fans

13. Valery helped fix the headphones

14. Such a design

15. This elevator is not so easy to leave.

16. Why not and... yes

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