How an airport was built in Japan right in the middle of the sea (3 photos + 1 video)

14 March 2023

Construction plans appeared as early as the 1960s, and the Japanese wouldn't be Japanese if they didn't go ahead with the project.

Today, artificial islands no longer seem like a thing realm of fantasy. But sixty years ago, such an idea might have seemed crazy invention. However, it appeared with Japanese engineers, and the Japanese would not be Japanese if they could not put it into practice. Three decades when Dubai was closer to a fishing village than to metropolis of the future, and they didn’t even think about the famous Palm Jumeirah, Japan has an artificial island. And it was not just an island: on it rebuilt the airport, which received planes around the clock, until now it falls into the ratings of the best airports in the world.

Airport in Osaka

In the 1960s, the city of Osaka had an airport, but since the city grew, a small air harbor could not cope with the volume passenger traffic. In addition, the airport was located right in the city and was built up with residential areas. The locals actively opposed it. expansion, so the authorities decided to build an airport away from cities. However, it’s easier said than done, because Japan’s main problem is acute shortage of land. Find a suitable building site turned out to be difficult, and it was for this reason that it was decided to land planes right into the sea.

For the construction of the airport, they chose, perhaps, the most an extraordinary place - Osaka Bay. In the 1960s, the idea to build a whole an island in the middle of the sea seemed brilliant and crazy at the same time, but the Japanese had been developing their plan for twenty years. Video author tells how they managed to create an artificial island and rebuild it has an air harbor, which today serves 25 million people in year.

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