Naughty red-haired girl from "Wizards": how was the fate of the young actress? (7 photos + 1 video)

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14 March 2023

"Wizards" is no longer just a cult film. This story. In the picture of Konstantin Bromberg starred a whole galaxy of Soviet stars: Zolotukhin, Gaft, Abdulov and not only. Flashed among them and this funny red star.

Anna Ashimova, who played the girl Nina, is a native of Ulan-Ude. Born in 1973. By the way, Anna's father is Azerbaijani, but characteristically the appearance of the red-haired freckled daughter did not inherit. After moving family to Moscow, the girl, like many Soviet schoolchildren, began to attend dance circle in the House of Pioneers. Where is her and a few more expressive girls were noticed by the assistant director and invited to take participation in trials.


Among several dozen candidates for the role of the protagonist's sister, a third-grader Ashimova was selected.

Undoubtedly, participation in the filming was one of the brightest episodes of a girl's life. Who can boast of having talked with such artists as Mikhail Svetin, Alexander Abdulov, Alexandra Yakovleva, Emmanuil Vitorgan?

The young actress had no experience. Not everything went smoothly, although it is not visible on the screen. By tradition, Nina Pukhova was re-voiced by an adult actress Svetlana Kharlap: usually directors did not take risks and did not trust dubbing for young artists. The songs of the character in the film were performed by Larisa Valley and Olga Rozhdestvenskaya.

Life after fame

After the release of the film, the girl woke up famous. But in Among her peers, fame cost Anya dearly: she had to endure envy of classmates, offensive nicknames, even bullying. Maybe that's why faced with the wrong side of a celebrity schoolgirl and did not continue develop an acting career.

Anna received an economic education, got married, focused on her career. When the couple had a son, Alexander, the woman completely concentrated on the child and the family.

Anna Gaidash has not lost a certain childish charm and this day. Although the woman celebrated her 50th anniversary this year. She has everything the same pretty features and red curls. woman doing housework housekeeping and, judging by the photos on her social networks, loves to travel and spend time outdoors with family.

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