Ancient skates made from animal bones found in China (6 photos)

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14 March 2023

During excavations in western China, an unusual find was made - skates made of animal bones, approximately 3,500 years old. They were found in Bronze Age tomb in Xinjiang, a mountainous region some archaeologists, was the birthplace of skiing.

During excavations in the Xinjiang region, Chinese archaeologists 3,500-year-old skates made from animal bones found bulls and horses. They were found in a tomb in the ruins of Gaotai. The skates themselves consist of a single processed piece of bone with holes on both ends so that they can be attached to shoes. It is not known what for they were used - for hunting, movement on ice or in other purposes. But despite the lack of a blade, these skates could move safely on ice.

Now these skates are considered the oldest ever. found in China. Archaeologist Ruan Qurong, professor from Xinjiang Institute of Ancient Monuments and Archeology, said that the find is very similar to the same skates from prehistoric Europe. This is one of possible evidence of connections between the ancient West and East in bronze age. Similar skates (only 5000 years old) have already been found in Finland and throughout Northern Europe. Archaeologists believe that they used mainly in the flat regions of southern Finland, where many lakes freeze in winter.

Excavations at the ruins of Goaotai, where skates were found, began back in 2015. About 3600 years ago there was an ancient settlement and a complex of tombs on a high platform surrounded by stone plates. These places were inhabited by pastoralists who also inhabited parts Central Asia and the Far East of Europe in the Late Bronze Age. It is believed that the tombs belonged to a respected pastoral family, and for During the excavations, scientists were able to identify the features of their burial rituals, beliefs and social structures.

In the same place, the remains of dozens of wooden carts were found, which were probably used to build the platform of the tomb. In total, 11 large wooden wheels and more than 30 wooden details. At the moment, archaeologists are studying all the found artifacts, and hope to make new discoveries.

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