Buying for the ages: 30 things that have stood the test of time (31 photos)

14 March 2023

Nowadays, when buying a new thing, we don’t really count on on its durability: it will last a year and thank God. However, this was not always, as the subreddit "Purchase for a lifetime", dedicated to a variety of old things that conscientious craftsmen have made really for centuries.

1. Old wooden furniture can last for generations.

"In this cradle lay my grandfather and his 5 brothers and sisters 115 years ago. Then my father and his 5 brothers and sisters. Then me two my brother and 13 of my cousins. And finally their numerous children and, behold, my third child."

2. "My wife doesn't like jewelry, but she loves to cook. I wanted to give her an eternal engagement gift and bought it. I sharpen them to our anniversaries. Today they are 10 years old

3. "A real 1910 Singer sewing machine that I inherited from my great-grandmother. Still works."

4. "I bought myself these Haglöfs boots for my 18th birthday. This week I celebrated my 50th birthday"

5. "I bought so many hats in my life, but they all end the ends were torn. And I've been wearing this Pokemon hat all the time since I was three years old, and no damage"

6. Waffle iron for pizza, Italian cookies, 70s or 80s

7. "I saw an old stove here, I decided to brag about my own"

8. "This 1934 Chicago mansion still has the original built-in Jewett refrigerator."

9. "I brought a 1920s Perfection heater back to life. Now it's ready to last a few more generations."

10. "The world's first automatic coffee machine. 1952. In our family for 70 years. Still works great."

11 Frigidaire Stove 1956

12. "My 1993 Volvo 240. Odometer broke a few years ago at 346,000 miles. Still runs briskly."

13. "My alarm clock from the 90s"

14. My wife's Whirley-Pop, which used by her grandmother. Still makes perfect popcorn"

15. My grandfather's WW2 laundry bag war. I have been using it for 15 years or so and have also used it in army"

16. Vintage cast iron pans

17. "I repaired Henry's vacuum cleaner! Indestructible thing"

18. "This camera has been working since the 1960s and is still flawless."

19. Boleslav ceramics. The left one is 50+ years older than mine grandmother on the right gave me for Christmas. Same design! I even Replaced a broken 20 year old teapot lid

20. Boots 1939

21. GE Fan 1936

22. "Other teachers buy a new stapler every couple of years, but my Ace Pilot 404 will last forever!"

23. "44 years old and still doing great"

24. "My mom's GE toaster, 1982. He's the same age as me. Used every day."

25. "My bike just turned 28. I still ride it to work every day, whatever the weather."

26. "Just got this little one. With a little effort, she'll outlive me. Model 185j, 1954."

27. "My dad wore this watch every day for 44 years."

28. "The 1985 Spirit Of St. Louis radio from my grandfather"

29. "I inherited this blender from my grandma. I have no idea how old it is, but it works great."

30. "My 1st gen iPod from 2001 still works great"

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