Children who were born with gorgeous hair (18 photos)

14 March 2023

Nature will always find something to surprise a person. After all, she has many incredible miracles are in store in your pockets. Concerning her antics and children.

So, for example, some babies, just born, already have a very enviable head of hair. Sometimes she is so lush and long, which can involuntarily be confused with a wig. However, These little ones are all their own, natural!

“Let go of worries,” command young parents doctors, because this is absolutely normal, and in addition, it’s also cute. For what panic, if you can, on the contrary, rejoice at such a gift of nature? Let's enjoy the photos of babies whose hairstyles will envy any adult.

The main thing is not to wet the hair

Genuine surprise

He is only 4 months old, and he already has a magnificent head of hair

This baby is just a month old.

long haired beauty

It is absolutely normal for small children to be born with a lush hair. As a rule, after a couple of months, the hair begins to gradually fall out. In their place, more permanent curls grow. However this may not happen. In some cases, babies may stay the owners of hair in the style of Elvis Presley.

Happy owner of perfect curls

Mom boasts of her wealth

A serious guy


A lover of bold styles

That's the styling!

So small, but already decently hairy

I think your child is about to release a cool rock album!

He looks like he's wearing a kid's wig! All the other kids will be sooooo jealous!

Only two and a half months, and the hair does not think to stop its growth

With hair like this, your child looks like a Green Day member.

Barely born, but you can already build various hairstyles and styling on your head

Charming curl

Get a haircut? No, why?

Not a baby, but a feast for the eyes

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