American bees began to produce the wrong honey (4 photos + 1 video)

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6 March 2023

Sandhill in North Carolina is the only place in the world where bees produce purple honey. According to eyewitnesses, he more like alien goo than the sweet nectar we know and love.

There are many strange varieties of honey in the world - from expensive, but the bitter honey of Corbezzolo to the meat honey produced vulture bees. However, none of them look so strange, like purple honey produced in North Carolina. Despite appearance, it is said to taste good. They say purple honey is sweeter than usual and has noticeable fruity notes.

Some photos of purple honey jars recently spread in social networks and caused a heated discussion about whether the real is it honey or not. But residents of North Carolina confirmed: this is quite a real, albeit hard-to-find delicacy. This honey is hard to come by. even in North Carolina, but its existence is undeniable.

The color of honey, from light yellow to dark amber, depends on the type of flower from which the nectar is obtained, but in the case of purple honey the cause is yet to be determined. Some claim to get it from blueberries or blueberries, although scientists and beekeepers dispute this assumption, stating that bees do not have strong enough teeth to bite through the skin of these berries. Others say that they give an unusual color flowers of the kudzu plant, or pueraria lobata, and some are convinced that the color of honey is changed by the flowers of leather skumpia. In fact, no one yet doesn't know exactly why Sandhill honey changes color.

According to Professor John Ambrose of the State University North Carolina, purple honey may be the result of a chemical reactions between acid in the stomachs of bees and aluminum. Apparently the flowers coastal North Carolina contain more aluminum than anywhere else more, which explains why this rare honey is produced only in North Carolina.

Some of those who were lucky enough to try purple honey claims to actually taste "purple" with noticeable tones of grapes or berries.

This honey is very sweet. Its really produced by bees, but it has fruity notes, said beekeeper Donald Diz. - It seems to be related to the unusual nature of purple honey. This a fruity flavor that no one can really identify."

Purple honey is a rare treat, and that's why it's worth more expensive than normal. And now that it's become popular on the Internet, demand for it has grown even more: North Carolina beekeepers report orders from all over the world. According to Dees, he barely coped with orders coming from different countries, and he even had to times to close the acceptance of orders to make sure that he does not sell more honey than he has in stock. Now, as the beekeeper says, he has there are still a few unsent orders - and this is his supply runs out.

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