17 breathtaking photos of unusual things from around the world (18 photos)

2 March 2023

Look at these breathtaking photos of unusual things and places that some people were lucky enough to see in person.

Airplane photo near East Palestine, Ohio after burning chemicals⁠⁠

In Shandong, China, a mentally handicapped farmer built 7-story building with bare hands for his two brothers to live with him. Despite to the fact that the villagers repeatedly told him that his two brothers have been dead for a long time

Land borders between the United States and Canada represents a 20-foot line on which trees are planted

There is a tribe in India that has learned to make living bridges out of ficus roots. Bridge construction takes 15 to 30 years

There are cinemas in Switzerland where you can reserve a double bed for watching a movie instead of a seat

1935 Rolls Royce Phantom I Jonckheere Coupé

This is the narrowest street in Italy.

Miniature chess board

The "Stairway of Death" is a section of stone steps built by the Incas and leading to the summit of Huayna Picchu.

Valley of Spirits in Bolivia

Statue of Emperor Genghis Khan in Mongolia

Bonsai 150 years old

Saber-toothed longhorn beetle. Here is the sizer!

A stalactite crystal from Argentina that looks like an alien parasite

What Mount Rushmore Should Have Looked Like

In Romania, 20 sit-ups will give you a free bus ticket.

Women's self-defense glove (London, 1850)

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