Amazing creatures that can glow in the dark (12 photos)

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23 February 2023

Someone knows how to glow with happiness and joy, but these guys can do it literally. Yes, we are talking about living creatures, which nature rewarded with bioluminescence. Let's take a look at these "living light bulbs".

tiny crustaceans

No, it wasn't the starry sky that fell into the sea. It's just bioluminescent plankton - barnacle crustacean Vargula hilgendorfii. It is these inhabitants of the sea that color the water in a luminous Blue colour. Most often, such a miracle can be seen in coastal waters. Japan.


The sea and algae Noctiluca scintillans paint in a similar way. These natural lamps turn on very simply - it's just a reaction to any irritant.

Fungal mosquitoes Arachnocampa

And these are just the larvae of Arachnocampa mushroom mosquitoes. Larvae glow blue-green light, decorating the arch of the Australian and New Zealand caves. With this light, mosquitoes attract prey - more small insects.


It would be unfair not to mention fireflies. Representatives of the species fireflies, there are about 2000 species, and all of them can arrange spectacular light show at night. But the fireflies themselves do it not for the sake of beauty, but for more domestic purposes - communication and mating.


Some jellyfish can also be considered living night lanterns. TO fluorescent species include jellyfish: Aequorea victoria, Crossota and Pantachogon.


Scientists know about 70 bioluminescent species of squid. The record holder among them is the giant squid Taningia danae. This the cephalopod weighed 60 kg, and its length was 2.3 m.


Many have heard of anglers. It's a deep sea spooky carnivore a fish with a funny flashlight on its head. Scientists suggest that it is needed and to attract prey, but also serves to find a partner for mating, and just for better orientation in the dark depths of the ocean.

deep sea fish

But not anglers alone. The depths of the sea are rich not only terrible monsters, but also other very beautiful luminous fish. In total, about 180 species of luminous living things live in the world's oceans. organisms. There are feather fish, and small glowing anchovies, and ctenophores.

Glowing worms from Siberia

In 2020, scientists found something incredible in Siberian soil... glowing worms. The find was named Fridericia heliota. These babies react to external stimuli with blue-green light and can glow for ten minutes.


About 16 species of mushrooms are able to glow in the dark. That is This sight is rare and very unusual. They usually glow greenish. light, but occasionally blue is also found.

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