Celebrity chef Nusret Gokce salted meat for $600 while talking on the phone

2 January 2023
The Turk Nusret Goekce, better known as Salt Bae, finally starred. In the restaurant where he works, you can order cut meat for $600. Nusret will salt the meat, cut it and let him eat a piece from the knife in a signature manner. However, the visitors who ordered this service were not satisfied: the chef came out wearing headphones and did not pay attention to the visitors.

Visitors to the Turkish restaurant Nusret Gokce decided to order an expensive service. For an additional $600, Salt Bae arrogantly walked out to the restaurant's patrons talking on AirPods, salted and cut the meat. When a visitor asked for an autograph, Nusret threw away the blogger's sister's ball he was holding.

He made us pay $600 to come to our table and cut the steak. He was talking to someone on AirPods next to our table. Most disrespectful. He threw away my sister's ball when he was asked for an autograph, dissatisfied visitors said.

This isn't the first time Salt Bae has been causing controversy online.

Immediately after the awarding of the Argentina national team, a Turkish chef nicknamed Salt Bae entered the field and took pictures with all the players. But this was not enough for Gokce - photos and videos of the chef embracing the World Cup appeared on social networks. Meanwhile, FIFA has certain rules according to which this award can be held in the hands of a limited circle of people. And workers in the Turkish food industry are not included in their list.
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