A selection of videos of damaged equipment of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Part 139

9 February 2023
The post contains material for an audience over 18 years of age. Please make sure that you really want to see this and that you are over 18 years old.

A selection of videos in which the Ukrainian Armed Forces, individual detachments and international legions bomb the occupiers and are punished every day. In this collection we will show you videos found on the Internet.

Looks like a stuntman's job in a Hollywood movie, but this is war

Russian warriors have more than enough genius

They took down their positions on TikTok and then got a direct hit. In the end - all 200

Javelin. Twice and right on target

Suddenly. Syrian rebels made a video calling for revenge against the racists

Syrian rebels made a video calling for revenge on Assad's Russo-colored allies for the bombing and killing of Syrian civilians.

The whole world hates Russians!

The occupiers are practicing Rogozin’s technique for catching fragments

Dressed in Ukrainian uniforms, the Wagnerites tried to take the Ukrainian position

Gifts for orcs

Hit from a drone

Rex, Pex, Fex and the invaders have disappeared

Focus will soon be available throughout Ukraine

A Ukrainian soldier films a damaged Russian T-72B3 tank and cannot hide his excitement

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