A selection of videos of Russian military equipment in Ukraine. Issue 92

21 October 2022
The post contains material for an audience over 18 years of age. Please make sure that you really want to see this and that you are over 18 years old.

A selection of videos in which the Ukrainian Armed Forces, individual detachments and international legions bomb the occupiers and are punished every day. In this collection we will show you videos found on the Internet.

Berislavsky district

HIMARS time. Just look how smoothly this monster works!

Fighting in the Kherson region

Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters destroyed two warehouses with Russian ammunition in the Kherson region

This time you won't be able to record Tik Tok

Video from Kraken

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have found the answer to the question of why the occupiers, when escaping, abandon so much equipment and ammunition depots

Because it’s more important to take with you what you have stored: batteries, washing machines, plumbing fixtures, yes, yes, including toilets...

Crab in the wild

Beautiful destruction

Beautiful special effects after an artillery hit

Mi 8

Not beaten, not painted, was and remains in Ukraine

I sell documents, you can pick them up from the penalty area yourself.

You won't be able to escape from Ukrainian drones

Unsuccessful attack by Russian occupiers

The occupiers always make sure that the guys from the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not run out of ammunition

They shoot at the wind and bushes, these are the tik-tok troops

Postcard from Kherson region

Another tank dismantled

Another trophy pulled out of the water

More gifts from heaven

The subdivision of the artillery of the 59th Motorized Rifle Brigade has destroyed 3 tanks of the occupiers in the Kherson region

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