A selection of videos of damaged equipment of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Part 133

20 January 2023
The post contains material for an audience over 18 years of age. Please make sure that you really want to see this and that you are over 18 years old.

A selection of videos in which the Ukrainian Armed Forces, individual detachments and international legions bomb the occupiers and are punished every day. In this collection we will show you videos found on the Internet.

Artillery is working

It's rare to see something like this. A recording from inside the Polish Wasp operating in Ukraine. Orlan-10 shot down

Russian troops attack a group of entrenched Ukrainian soldiers on the right side of the screen

Russian tank is sad

Slovakian Zuzia causes trouble for the orcs

With a violin and artillery

Decommissioning of Russian artillery

Current state of Bakhmut

They're already on their way, they'll be with us soon

Ukrainian aviation is working

Ukrainian artillery fires at Russian positions

Ukrainian artillery denafifies orcs

Ukrainian BMP-1 mixed with BMD-2

Ukrainian soldiers hit three local warehouses and mobile centers of the Katsaps near Soledar

Reducing the Orc Population Using Drones

Destruction of BMP 2

Destruction of orcs to music in Donbass

Destruction of a Russian tank

Destroying a tank at night

Destroyed equipment

Flag over Soledar. Video from Madyar. January 15

Chronicles of Agony

What kind of toy is this?

So that’s why videos and photos from air defense in the center of Moscow are now flying around.

A selection of videos of damaged equipment of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Part 133

Excalibur destroys a Russian tank

Spectacular shots at the orcs

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